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Manufacturer of commodity chemical products. Various products include acrylates, agents, adhesives, polymers, monomers, oligomers, resins, compounds, filler materials and functional inorganic materials. Industries served include 3D printing, UV adhesives, UV inks and inkjets, UV coating, electronics and automotive.

Company Description by Toagosei America, Inc.

Toagosei America Inc. is part of the Toagosei Group. An independent chemical product company founded in Japan in 1944. Toagosei is a global manufacturer in commodity chemicals, polymer and oligomer, adhesive material and performance chemicals. Since 1994, Toagosei America Inc. has been manufacturing cyanoacrylate (instant) adhesive technology at its Central Ohio location for distribution to North and South America consumer and industrial markets. We are best known for our Instant Krazy Glue brand, to the North American consumer market. We are expanding the market share of industrial super glue under the brand name Aron Alpha Industrial Krazy Glue as well as industrial Hot Melts under Aron Melt and Evergrip brands, solvent adhesives under Aron Mighty brand, and UV curable resin under Aronix and Aron Oxetane brand names.

Toagosei America, Inc., West Jefferson, OH

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  • Manufacturer
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  • Mark Tansky., Sr. Sales Manager

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