The Disruptive Glass Cleaning Technology NASA Is Using on the ISS

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Peep cleaning tech

What’s the downside of wearing eyeglasses? Dealing with dirty, smudged lenses. While microfiber cloth, eyeglass wipes, and special solutions do come in handy, these can do more damage than good. 

But there's a better solution in sight. Ohio-based CarbonKlean’s revolutionary eyeglass cleaning technology, coined Peeps, has been described as so disruptive that even NASA uses it to clean screens, camera lenses, and touchpads on the International Space Station (ISS)!

Weighing just 12 oz. and bundled into a compact built-in carry case, Peeps is composed of a retractable scratch-resistant brush and soft carbon microfiber pads that recharge on their own thanks to the patented carbon compound inside them, ensuring up to 500 top-notch cleanings. You’ll need to follow a specific step-by-step process to get the best out of Peeps, and it can be used on any glass.

The best thing about Peeps is that it promises 100% clean lenses minus any damage, courtesy of its molecular carbon-based technology and non-abrasive pads. These clean dust and dirt at the microscopic level, lifting all particles away instead of rubbing them across the lenses.

Image Credit: PEEPS

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