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Peep cleaning techThe Disruptive Glass Cleaning Technology NASA Is Using on the ISS

Dealing with dirty, smudged lenses is often considered the worst part of wearing glasses. This may not be an issue much longer. Read more

Playing a prankThe History of April Fools' Day

It's possible the entire concept of April Fools' Day is a prank in itself. Read more

View of the Milky Way galaxy5 Fun Facts About the Milky Way

No, we're not talking about the candy. Read more

MoonWhy We Want to Mine the Moon

NASA says materials from the moon could be used to build electronics on Earth. Here's what else they might be used for. Read more

Keanu Reeves illustrationFungus-Killing Bacteria Named After Actor Keanu Reeves

His iconic character from the "John Wick" franchise inspired the name because the assassin and bacteria have something in common. Read more

TobleroneToblerone Drops Iconic Design

There's a good reason why. Read more

Nuclear reactorNuclear Reactor Starts Up for the First Time in 7 Years

We may be on the verge of a nuclear renaissance amid greater demand for clean energy. Read more

basketballFrom Peach Baskets to Global Phenomenon

In the past, basketball was played using two peach baskets tied to opposite ends of a gymnasium. Read more

Camera filming a green screen studioWhat’s Behind the Green Screen?

And why did the special effects screen color change from its original blue to green? Read more

Paper airlplaneBoeing Engineers Set Record for Paper Airplanes

They almost flew the length of an entire football field. Read more