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Manufacturer of military and government specification products including adhesives, paints, coatings, lubricants, oils, grease and corrosion preventative compounds. Types of adhesives include synthetic rubber, epoxy, starch powder, linoleum, tile and solvent type polyvinylchloride. Stain flight deck, dull black exterior enamel, alkyd primer, temporary corrosion arrestor, lusterless, thermal insulating, urethane aliphatic isocyanate and epoxy polyamide chemical, water, solvent and polyurethane thermal resistant coatings are provided. Paints such as water paste, lusterless, heat resistant, alkyd primer, high visibility fluorescent, exterior oil, water resistant concrete and masonry, latex base interior, wood or metal ready mixed, blackboard coating and self-priming rubber base are also available. Comes in drums, gallons, pails, pints, quartz and tubes. Meets Mil-Spec. Stock items offered.

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Dunbar Sales co inc an industry leader in government specification supplies for over 40 years. Providing our customers with a one-stop solution with more than 500 products, many in stock and ready to ship. Due to our flexible system, we can provide any sizes and quantities from tubes to truckloads, glass, metal and plastic.

Our comprehensive knowledge in marketing U.S. government specification materials assures you that we are able to provide you with services that will exceed your expectations. Most of our competitors purchase from us. Skip the middle men and buy direct from the source. Utilizing the knowledge and experience we've acquired, we've developed "Speed Quote," our searchable online catalog that helps you build your quote request as you locate the precise government specification products you need, instantly!

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Dunbar Sales & Manufacturing Co., Inc., Bayonne, NJ

Business Details

Primary Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
Additional Activities:
  • Service Company
Key Personnel:
  • Bill Rubenstein, Pres.
  • P. Hartnet, G.M.
  • M. Rubenstein, S. & T.
  • William Rubenstein, President/CEO

Diverse / Small Bus. Status

Certifications / Registrations

Annual Sales:
  • Under $1 Mil
No of Employees:
  • 10-49
Year Founded:
  • 1959

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