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ISO 9001:2008 certified. Converter, fabricator, manufacturer and distributor of adhesive tapes, foams, foils, cloth and other flexible material. Manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of pressure sensitive tape, heat seal films and foam products. Capabilities include converting jumbo rolls and sheets of adhesive tapes into any custom size, shape or configuration. Can die cut parts onto rolls, sheets or to individual pieces, kiss cutting, multi-lamination, sheeting, slitting and rewinding rolls to any length and size, custom printing, tabbing, and kitting. Engineering capabilities include design assistance, reverse engineering and prototyping from technical drawings.

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About Can-Do National Tape

Can-Do National Tape was founded in 1972 as a master distributor of adhesive tape products. We have many professionally qualified salespeople to assist you in determining the right product for your application. In addition, Can-Do's converting department has the production expertise to convert these adhesive products to your specifications.

Can-Do National Tape is "The Source" for all your tape and converting needs. We provide excellent service, quality products, and competitive prices. Our experienced sales force and customer service representatives are ready to assist you with any pressure sensitive adhesive tape requirement. We will be responsive to your needs. Can-Do National Tape is a service oriented company with approximately 50 employees. We are centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee, within 2-3 days UPS ground shipment from over 75% of the United States.

The Company is focused on customer service and quality and is ISO-9002 Certified. Our quality More... statement, "Can-Do National Tape is committed to providing the highest quality of pressure sensitive adhesive tape products and related services, at competitive prices, which meet or exceed our customer requirements, by and through continuous improvement and timely delivery of product, all as a result of ongoing communication with vendors, customers, and employees." Less

Can-Do National Tape, Inc., Nashville, TN

Business Details

Primary Company Type:
  • Custom Manufacturer
Additional Activities:
  • Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company, Finishing Service Company
Key Personnel:
  • Rick Winkel, President
  • T.J. Douglas, CEO
  • L.H. Armistead, Chmn. Bd.
  • Leigh Ann Bandy, S.M.
  • Tom Hayes, sales manager
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Diverse / Small Bus. Status

Annual Sales:
  • $25 - 49.9 Mil
No of Employees:
  • 50-99
Year Founded:
  • 1972

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Product Information

Bemis Seam Sealing Adhesive Tape
Bemis Seam tape is the critical link in the chain of waterproof protection. That’s because a garment made of the best waterproof fabric in the world will leak if the seam is not sealed effectively. Quality seam tapes protect your investment by preventing leaks at the seams, that’s why selecting the right seam tape is important. We work with Bemis to offer a wide range of high quality and environmental tapes for waterproofing sewn seams.
We offer full solutions and applications by providing sanders, belts, pads, grinders and deburring wheels. We are your one-stop shop. We take our job seriously and put a lot of time and effort into understanding your needs and offering you the right solutions for your business.

Capabilities / Services

Die Cutting Services
Can-Do National Tape has a broad range of die-cutting capabilities for a variety of adhesive materials. These materials can include fabrics, foils, foams, and other substrates with or without adhesive backing. We operate high-speed rotary and flat bed die presses in order to produce large quantities and tight tolerance precision parts. Almost any shape and size may be die cut to individual pieces or kiss cut to the liner allowing the parts to remain on a roll.

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Company News
June 28, 2017 - Can-Do National Tape, a global provider of pressure sensitive adhesive products and related services, announces the implementation of the Epicor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software platform at the Nashville, Tennessee production site. This change comes in direct response to increases in sales and production demand. The integration of the new software allows for a more streamlined process from first contact to finished product and beyond. The modular nature of Epicor allows for multiple...