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Manufacturer of mold making and casting products including polyurethanes, silicones, epoxy, and adhesives. Additional products available include 2-part foam systems, pigments, primers, cartridges, dispensing guns, mixing containers, aluminum granules, spatulas, and pouring spouts. Also, a distributor of release agents, reusable plastalina modeling clay, specialty flexible coatings, mixing and mold release wax. Handheld and production meter mix dispense equipment, vacuum pump systems, and parts to support them. Serves the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, production parts, rapid prototyping, theme parks, sports, artist/special effects, and foundry or pattern industries.

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BJB has been a manufacture of high-performance raw materials in cutting-edge industries spanning many decades. We work closely with notable product development companies, aerospace, automotive, production manufacturers, and a wide variety of cottage industries. This makes us a company with a very broad knowledge base. We pride ourselves in supporting our products with the technical support and practical, application know-how to help our customers choose the right material, ensuring their success in less time.

BJB Enterprises, Inc., Tustin, CA

Business Details

Primary Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
Additional Activities:
  • Distributor
Key Personnel:
  • Troy Peterson, General Manager

Diverse / Small Bus. Status

  • Minority Owned ?
  • Small / Disadv. / HBZN ?
  • Woman Owned ?
  • Veteran Owned ?
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Annual Sales:
  • $10 - 24.9 Mil
No of Employees:
  • 10-49
Year Founded:
  • 1970

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Silicone Pigments
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BJB liquid silicone pigments are designed to rapidly disperse into the system. These pigments are typically used by adding approximately 1-2% by weight of pigment to the material system. Many silicones are translucent and will take on color quickly. In some cases, adding More... more pigment to a translucent silicone may cause it to become opaque. Filled silicones, that are opaque/white naturally, may require higher pigment loading in order to reach the same depth of color as a translucent silicone. It is always advisable to test a small sample of material to evaluate how it responds to pigmentation. Less
Urethane Pigments
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Primary and Specialty ColorsEarth TonesPigment ThinnerSample Color Packs
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Catalog covers the following products: Solvents
Catalog covers the following products: Primers
Catalog covers the following products: Mixers
Catalog covers the following products: Foams, Polyurethane

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An in-depth description of silicone mold making and how it fits in with production today.