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Formulator and manufacturer of coatings, adhesives and sealants, encapsulants / potting and saturants. Features include electrically insulating/conductive, chemical, flame, heat and high temperature resistance, and mechanical stress tolerance. Testing capabilities include thermal, electric, mechanical, environmental, testing and general properties. Prototype and low to medium volume production runs are available. Serves the power generation, motors, electric components, energy storage & transmission, aerospace, medical equipment and composites industries.

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Astro Chemical formulates specialized Coatings, Adhesives, Saturants and Encapsulants for Power Generation, Motors, Electrical Components, Energy Storage & Transmission, Aerospace, Medical Equipment and Composites.

We manufacture and tailor compounds to your specific requirements, whether it be Electric, Thermal - up to NEMA Class H-, Mechanical, Environmental, or Health & Safety-related, and to the desired application, curing requirements, and product delivery methods. Our in-house test lab enables in-depth validation of those properties as per ASTM, IEEE, MIL, and other industrial and OEM standards.

From the eponymous Barco Bond Epoxy putty line to sprayable advanced dielectric paints, potting compounds, and thermally conductive adhesives, we draw on over 60 years of materials experience to formulate the right product to your fit your production needs with best-in-class turnaround time. Don't put up with under-performing products - we provide solutions through chemistry.

Astro Chemical, Ballston Lake, NY

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Primary Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
Additional Activities:
  • Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Key Personnel:
  • Jay Arnold, Vice President
  • Chris Klein, Technical Sales Director
  • Simon Brodeur, Business Development

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  • Minority Owned ?
  • Small / Disadv. / HBZN ?
  • Woman Owned ?
  • Veteran Owned ?
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  • Not Available
Annual Sales:
  • $10 - 24.9 Mil
No of Employees:
  • 10-49
Year Founded:
  • 1959

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Encapsulants face a unique combination of challenges once in-service. Thermal cycling can cause mechanical stress via high rates of expansion and contraction. In high temperature environments, an encapsulant’s mass can trap heat leading to premature thermal degradation. More... Our range of encapsulants deliver the ‘toughness’ to withstand thermal cycling, and where needed, the measure of thermal conductivity to allow for proper heat flow.Beyond the effects of temperature, high voltage applications place a demand for high dielectric performance. Extreme chemical and explosive environments require strong chemical resistance, while process and dispensing constraints may necessitate a certain rheology, from very thick materials that resist ‘sag’ to pourable options that flow easily to fill voids around objects of varying shapes and orientations. We address all of these challenges and more when reviewing your material needs. Less
Coatings are the first line of defense, often the most important protective layer against external forces. We develop and manufacture functional coatings that protect substrates under a variety of conditions. For us, coatings are not defined by their decorative or aesthetic More... appearance, but by their ability to provide the critical performance essential to your application.Our coatings are formulated to withstand environmental, chemical, electrical and/or physical environments. From EHS concerns, to application methods, cure requirements, and the final cured properties;, we work closely with you to develop an understanding of your application and the conditions present throughout the required life cycle. Less
We develop and manufacture adhesives to bond dissimilar substrates under a variety of application and operating conditions. Adhesive chemistries can be optimized for the substrates and service environment, and tailored for the application where off-the-shelf materials More... fall short.We work closely with you to develop a complete understanding of the demands present in your application throughout the required lifecycle. We optimize properties such as viscosity, cure time and chemical compatibility to provide the functional properties required to insure successful service life at application conditions. Less

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