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ISO 9001:2015 certified. Manufacturer of standard and custom fasteners for the OEM, automotive and transportation industries. Fasteners include screws, anchors, rivets, inserts, nuts, bolts, studs, threaded rods, pins, washers, spacers and Philips drives. Hardware kits, wire form products, cold head fasteners, cable ties and fittings also provided. Aluminum, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, phosphor bronze, titanium, beryllium copper, Mylar®, vinyl, PVC, PTFE, fiberglass, rubber and vulcanized fiber materials used. Automatic screw, Swiss and CNC machining, laser/waterjet cutting, drilling, milling, turning, metal stamping and poly bagging services are offered. Vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs available. Made in the USA.

Company Description by Associated Fastening Products, Inc.

Associated Fastening Products, Inc. is an established company with a proven track record for over 26 years, in the manufacturing and distribution of both standard and special fasteners.

We have the broad range of capabilities in the areas of machined products, cold head fasteners, nylon insert lock nuts, as well as a garden variety of standards.

As a full line supplier we provide the OEM market with the service, quality and variety of products that has made us a leader. Our multiple distribution points throughout the USA gives us additional flexibility in servicing our customers.

Associated Fastening Products, Inc., Itasca, IL

Business Details

Primary Company Type:
  • Custom Manufacturer
Additional Activities:
  • Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company
Key Personnel:
  • Jill Lewis, President
  • Tim Smith, CFO

Diverse / Small Bus. Status

Annual Sales:
  • $5 - 9.9 Mil
No of Employees:
  • 10-49
Year Founded:
  • 1989

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Associated Fastening Products, Inc. offers custom hardware kits and Poly Bagging services, handling a range of components including hardware, fasteners, casters, brackets, o-rings, bushings, clips, and other parts. We incorporate blister packaging, skin packaging, labeling, More... bar coding, and parts boxes, with hand counting capabilities, and sub-assembly production. Kits are available in custom configurations, and our state-of-the-art packaging machinery is capable of placing both large and small items, with a range of 1 to 1000 of the same part, and 1 to 25 of different parts.Bags are available in a range of sizes, from 3" to 24" in width and length, and thicknesses from 1.9 to 8 mil. Our imprinting capabilities allow customers to exhibit their logos, labels, and branding messages. Semi-automated packaging, manual packaging, and reboxing are also provided, and we supply an enclosed instruction sheet for each assembled kit. Value added secondary services include warehousing, shipping, reverse engineering, and specialized packaging. For more details about our custom hardware kits and poly bagging services, or our broad range of services and products, please see the table below or contact us directly. Less
Associated Fastening Products, Inc. is pleased to provide precision metal stamping services, offering prototyping, production runs, and contract manufacturing of custom stampings. We employ the latest equipment and production methods, carrying out complex stamping operations More... with progressive, transfer, and compound dies. We are experienced in coining, compression, deep drawn, high speed, robotic, continuous strip, multislide, and fully sheared production methods among others. On site equipment boasts a press rating up to 450 tons, press speeds from 50 to 450 cycles/minute, maximum feed rate of 12 in/sec and a 9" maximum press stroke.Parts are stamped from a wide range of materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel sheet, beryllium copper, copper, brass, Kovar, titanium, and exotics. Components are possible from 0.25" to 240" in length, up to 12" in width, 0.250" in thickness, and up to 12" in diameter. Projects are executed holding tight tolerances of ± 0.0005". The highest quality levels are maintained with our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality assurance protocols including go/no-go gauges, ring gauges, plug gauges, and optical comparator inspections; SPC methodology, lot traceable process, and full documentation. For more information on our precision metal stamping services or the host of value added products and services please see the table below or contact us directly. Less
Associated Fastening Products, Inc. is proud to offer automatic screw machining services for a variety of industries and applications. Our advanced on-site equipment includes multi-axis horizontal and vertical CNC milling machinery from Brown & Sharpe, Acme, Davenport, More... and Swiss, featuring single and multi-spindles. Precision components are produced with turning, milling, and Swiss machining processes, along with a host of secondary operations including internal and external broaching, ID and OD grinding, drilling, tapping, slotting, and thread rolling. We expertly handle materials including carbon steel, alloys, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and plastics, offering premium finishing options such as plating, coating, and heat treating.Parts are available in sizes up to 36" in length, and 0.062" to 8" in diameter. Tight tolerances are held throughout machining, varying by machining process. Our operations are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and meet the Mil-I-4528 specification. We feature short lead times, with pre-expedited and hot rush ordering available. We handle long and short run productions, along with special packaging, stocking, Kanban and Just-in-Time programs. For more information about the automatic screw machining services available or our other products and services please see the table below or contact us directly. Less
Associated Fastening Products, Inc. offers laser and waterjet cutting services, producing customized components utilizing our state-of-the-art 2, 3, 5, and 6-axis equipment. Complex shaping and burr-free cuts are accomplished with our precision laser cutting processes, More... featuring CO2 (Gaseous) and Nd:YAG (Solid State) laser types along with flying optic, moving material, and hybrid laser configurations. A range of materials can be precision cut including metals such as aluminum, heavy plate, ferrous metals, monel, inconel, stainless steel, steel, thin metal, and pipe, as well as non-metallic materials including acrylic, ceramic, paper, paperboard, plastic, rubber, and wood. Cuttings are made in a variety of sizes and diameters, achieving superior edge quality (from 1 to 5) with high-pressure waterjet cutting capabilities.We handle prototype to production volumes, boasting rapid turnaround times with hot rush orders and pre-expedited ordering available. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, giving personalized attention to each client. In addition to laser and waterjet cutting we offer a broad range of value added services including reverse engineering, plating, welding, assembly, kitting, special packaging, warehousing, and customized shipping programs. For more details about the precision laser and waterjet cutting services available, or our other ancillary services please see the table below or contact us directly. Less
At Associated Fastening Products, we offer custom tool manufacturing services. We design and build custom tools that promote precision and productivity in manufacturing and assembly operations. Our solutions provide a useful and ergonomic solution for application-specific More... challenges to guarantee the final product's quality and consistency. Along with standard and magnetic hex insert bit holders, we design and manufacture thread cutters, thread formers, Allen wrenches, and disposable tools for hardware kits and other one-time or limited use applications. We operate an expansive manufacturing facility that includes automatic and Swiss-style screw machines, CNC machining centers, laser equipment, and water jet cutters for producing everything from a prototype for testing and evaluation to a bulk order of one million units. We manufacture custom tools in an extensive range of materials. Along with a wide selection of metal and alloys, such as aluminum, CRS, stainless steel, and titanium, we work with hard plastics such as ABS, polycarbonate, and others. Tools can be specified from fractional inches to 8" in diameter and from 1/8" to 24" in length. We uphold close tolerance accuracy and provide 100% product inspection. Numerous finishing options are also available. For projects with various budget and scheduling requirements, we also offer an offshore sourcing option from ISO-compliant companies. Customers can expect to see the same level of quality as the custom tools we manufacture in-house. We provide quality assurance documentation and certifications as required for all projects, whether in-house or globally sourced. Our custom tool manufacturing services can be combined with bagging and kitting, special packaging, warehousing, and shipping services for a full turnkey solution. To find out more about our custom tool manufacturing capabilities, or to make an inquiry, contact us directly. Less
With our broad range of manufacturing capabilities, Associated Fastening Products is a leading provider of custom hardware for automotive, transportation, and OEM applications. We provide industry-compliant solutions and offer an abundance of choices of materials and More... finishes. As a one-stop source for superior quality hardware products, we offer an extensive range of secondary operations and additional services like special packaging, warehousing, and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs. The types of custom hardware we commonly manufacture include hex, round, and self-cinching standoffs, internal and external retaining rings, and items such as hasps, hinges, chains, S-hooks, swivels, and many others. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows for many manufacturing options, from screw machining and CNC turning to laser cutting, water jet cutting, and wire forming. We work with an extensive range of materials, including many different metals and alloys, general-purpose and engineering grade plastics, and other nonmetals like rubber, insulating papers, and more. Along with an abundance of plating options, we also offer various other surface treatments and heat treating to provide the necessary performance, appearance, and protective qualities. Our quality assurance is unsurpassed. We pay diligent attention to quality at all stages of production and carry out both in-process and final inspections to ensure products comply with specifications and standards. Material certifications, plating certifications, first article inspections, PPAP documentation, etc. are supplied as necessary. We provide prototype quantities and fill orders for one million units or more annually. Items can be counted and bagged, and we offer a custom packaging option. With our advanced production systems, we react quickly to rush situations, and we provide fulfillment options such as stock and release, drop shipping, etc. Our prices are exceptionally competitive. Contact us directly to find out more about our custom hardware manufacturing solutions or to request a quote. Less
At Associated Fastening Products, we offer a product line of custom manufactured adhesive and sealant products. We specialize in providing adhesives and sealants for various automotive and other OEM applications that require a high level of performance and reliability. More... Our product line includes a wide assortment of thread lockers with different attributes. We carry everything from products that prevent fasteners' loosening in harsh service conditions to those that cure to form a more flexible bond that absorbs vibration. Along with thread sealants that prevent the leak of gasses and fluids in low to high-pressure applications, we offer general-purpose and high-performance gasket and flange sealants for preventing leaks in all types of fluid handling systems. We also offer cyanoacrylate based super glue products formulated to promote instant, strong bonds between metal, plastic, rubber, wood, glass, and other substrates. These adhesives are suitable for use in applications that involve dissimilar materials and require tight bonding between close-fitting surfaces or where the potential for corrosion associated with metal fasteners is a concern. All of the brands we carry are manufactured by the most trusted names in the adhesive and sealants market, and they conform to strict industry standards. We can provide adhesives in custom packages, and with custom stocking programs, we ensure the right products are always available for shipping immediately when an order is placed. For more information about our product line of adhesives, contact us directly. Less
With our diversified production capabilities, Associated Fastening Products manufactures fittings to custom specifications. We offer an abundance of material options and produce plugs and accessories in any configuration for applications that require a made-to-order More... solution. Products we manufacture include plugs for dry seal socket, flush sealing, NPT Philips, and NPT slotted pipe. We also make rod end and yoke end joints in any size or configuration. Serving the OEM market in dozens of industries, we provide prime quality products and personalized and responsive customer service. Inside our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we leverage high-tech production control and quality assurance systems to ensure all products are dimensionally accurate and comply with specifications. We manufacture custom fittings from an extensive selection of metals, including aluminum, CRS, copper, stainless steel, titanium, and others. We also offer various plastics with a range of performance attributes. With our manufacturing systems, we produce fittings measuring up to 8” in diameter and from 1/8” to 24” in length as standard, with larger sizes available upon request. For finishing, we offer all different types of plating options. Our comprehensive quality management program includes statistical process controls, visual inspections, and hardness testing per specifications. All of our processes are lot controlled for traceability, and we provide value-added services like special packaging, poly bagging, stock and release programs, and vendor managed inventory services. We handle small production orders as well as those that run into the millions. For more information about custom fitting manufacturing or to request a quote, contact us directly. Less
At Associated Fastening Products, we supply cord and cordage customized to application-specific requirements. We provide solutions for everything from light duty to extra heavy-duty bungee cord, and with our hardware manufacturing capabilities, we can supply complete More... bungee assemblies with custom end options. We use the finest quality materials and produce bungee cord in an extensive range of diameters and lengths. As a one-stop source for superior quality fastening solutions, we offer a comprehensive platform of additional services like poly bagging, special packaging, warehousing, and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs. Bungee cord consists of elastic strands covered by a woven sheath. The inner core is manufactured using either natural or synthetic rubbers with various degrees of elasticity and elongation ratings. Numerous options are available for the outer sheath to accommodate a wide range of service conditions. Typically made of braided fabrics with different color and weave options, coverings feature various levels of abrasion resistance, tensile strength, and other performance attributes. Tapping into our hardware manufacturing capabilities, we offer custom cord end treatments. Some examples include plastic and metal hooks, S-hooks, swivels, etc. We carry out comprehensive quality control and provide PPAP and all necessary certifications and other documentation. All production processes are lot controlled for traceability. Our flexible systems enable us to cost-effectively handle short-run projects and those involving a million units or more. To learn more about our custom cord and cordage manufacturing capabilities or make an inquiry, contact us directly. Less
At Associated Fastening Products, we manufacture a product line of custom lanyards. Customized lanyards are an economical solution for tethering items so they are easily accessible and cannot get lost. Lanyards also prevent things from falling and posing a risk to nearby More... workers and equipment. Our lanyard products are reliable, safe, durable, and exhibit a very high caliber of quality. All lanyard features are entirely customizable. We offer numerous material options for light duty to extreme heavy-duty applications. With our manufacturing capabilities, we can incorporate any type of fastener or other hardware for tethering and anchoring, such as rings, safety clips, etc. We manufacture hardware from metals like aluminum and CRS, or from lightweight, high strength plastics like ABS or polycarbonate, which are guaranteed never to break. An abundance of plating and coating options are available to add extra corrosion protection, resistance to abrasion and wear, etc. All products are lot traceable and undergo 100% inspection. As a full-service manufacturer, we do much more than supply custom lanyards. We can insert them into special packaging, warehouse inventory for stock and release programs, and provide a full vendor managed inventory solution. Whether customers need only a small volume of lanyards or more than one million units annually, we provide cost-effective solutions that comply with the highest quality standards. Contact us directly for more details about the options available for custom lanyard manufacturing or to request a quote. Less

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