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Manufacturer of standard and custom isopropyl-2, ethoxyethyl-2 and ethyl-2 cyanoacrylate instant adhesives. Accelerators, activators, applicators, debonders, glue, removers, sealants, empty refill bottles and dispensing tips are also provided. On-site engineering, consultation, testing, laboratory and analytical services offered. Serves the woodworking, automotive, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, medical and other industries.

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Toagosei has been synthesizing, formulating and packaging cyanoacrylate (instant) adhesives since 1963. Because we manufacture, package and distribute our own technology, product freshness, quality, and shelf-life are stringently controlled which offers our customers a premium instant adhesive technology that is reliable and repeatable in manufacturing performance.

Cyanoacrylates are commercially marketed under the names Aron Alpha in North American industrial market and Japanese consumer and industrial market, Krazy Glue in North American consumer market and Cyanolit in European consumer and industrial markets.

Aron Alpha offers an extensive line of cyanoacrylate adhesive which satisfy a majority of general assembly applications. The wide range of viscosities, from wicking liquids to gap-filling thixotropic gels, ensure instant and durable bonds for a broad variety of plastic, rubber and metal substrates.

Special formulations are available to meet tough requirements such as impact, flexibility, More... heat, thermal shock, humidity and stress resistance plus tolerance to chemicals and other harsh environments.

If our standard product line does not offer the answer to your requirements, we will work with you to develop a bonding system that will perform to your specifications.

We begin with an analysis of your requirements...your process, materials to be bonded, environment, volume and aesthetics considerations. Your goals are analyzed - manufacturing efficiencies, pre- or post-assembly quality, manual or automatic processes, product durability - prior to making any cyanoacrylate product recommendations.

Call our Technical Assistance Team in West Jefferson, Ohio (USA) for an immediate analysis of your assembly application. Less

Aron Alpha Industrial Krazy Glue, West Jefferson, OH

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Primary Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
Additional Activities:
  • Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Key Personnel:
  • Karen Wahlert, Human Resources Manager
  • Mark Tansky, Sr. Sales Manager
  • Pam Ray, Shipping Supervisor
  • Casey Pangalangan, Accounting
  • Kyle Sulcebarger, Formulation Chemist
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Annual Sales:
  • $250 Mil. and over
No of Employees:
  • 50-99
Year Founded:
  • 1989

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Instant Adhesives
Toagosei offers the industry’s widest selection of high-performance, application-specific, instant adhesives. Aron Alpha® brand cyanoacrylate (instant) adhesives are available in a variety of viscosities, cure speeds, gap-filling capabilities and substrate More... compatibilities.The ultra high-performance Aron Alpha® line offers unique products that surpass the most stringent demands, including rubber toughened formulations, low odor-low blooming products, thermally resistant and flexible formulations. Less
Primers, Activators, Accelerators, Cleaners for Instant Adhesives
Toagosei offers a complete line of Aron Alpha brand surface preparation products to ensure the maximum performance of Aron Alpha brand cyanoacrylate adhesives. Aron Alpha accelerators and setters are used to increase the cure speed and gap-filling capabilities More... of cyanoacrylate adhesives. Aron Alpha porimers are used to ensure cure on inactive substrates such as polyolefins (polypropylene, polyethylene), glass and silicone rubber. Less
Accessory Dispensing Tips, Bottles for Instant Adhesives and Primer Felt Tip Pen for Primer and Setter
Toagosei offers accessories designed for the simple, clean hand held dispensing of cyanoacrylates, primers and setters to reduce waste and operator contact over other methods. Selection of the accessory is based upon product formulation, package configuration, and process More... requirements.  Less
High Functional Reaction Adhesives
The ARON MIGHTY Series is a high functional reactive type of adhesives. There are Epoxy series, Urethane series, Nylon series, and Acryl series, with many different grades and characteristics developed by unique techniques. They can by used in numerous fields such as More... electronic materials, automobile, home construction materials, and many more. Less
Hot Melt Adhesives
Items: 1
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Hot Melt adhesives are based on thermoplastic resins; they appear as a solid at room temperature but will become a liquid once heated. After it is heated, it can be applied and upon cooling, it will solidify, forming a bond. Because it solidifies as it cools, bonding More... occurs in a short time, which can improve efficiency of operations. With the exception of the solvent type, all are single component and non solvent types. There are polyester series, modified polyolefin series, and reactive type urethane series. Choosing the appropriate type depends on the materials to be bonded. Less
Heat-Resistant Inorganic Adhesives
ARON CERAMIC is a one-component, heat-curing, heat- resistant inorganic adhesive and/or filler. With fire-resistant ceramics such as Alumina and inorganic polymers as the main ingredients, it is excellent for heat-resistance.
Monomers, Oligomers & UV Curable Resin
As a manufacturer of UV-curable Resins, Toagosei owns world-leading technologies and provides two different series of products: ARONIX and ARON OXETANE.ARONIX is the product name for special acrylic monomers and oligomers. We deal mainly in radical curable varieties.ARON More... OXETANE is the product name for oxetane resin, which was first commercialized by Toagosei before any other company in the world. Categorized as a cationic curable resin, it is chiefly used in combination with epoxy resin.These can be cured in an extremely short time, by just a few seconds of exposure to light (primarily UV light). Furthermore, because they can be used without solvents there is no need for a drying process. Thanks to superior characteristics including productivity improvement, energy savings, and low environmental impact, they are used in a variety of products found in everyday life, from inks and paints to data recording and electronics materials. Toagosei offers both radical curable resins and cationic curable resins to explore new possibilities of contributing to the energy and environmental fields of UV-curable Resins. Less
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Company Information

This is to certify that the Quality Management System of Toagosei America, Inc. has been assessed and approved by Smithers Quality Assessments, Inc. to the following quality management system standards and requirements: ISO 9001:2008 with Design. The Quality Management System is applicable to: Design, manufacture, and sales of consumer and industrial grade adhesive products.
This is to certify that the Environmental Management System of Toagosei America, Inc. has been assessed and approved by Smithers Quality Assessments, Inc. to the following environmental management system standards and requirements: ISO 14001:2004. The Environmental Management System is applicable to: Design, manufacture, and sales of consumer and industrial grade adhesive products.
Adhesive challenges are welcomed by our sales, marketing and research teams. United States research and technical facilities are located at our West Jefferson, Ohio plant whose quality management system is registered to ISO 9001 and 14001.

Product Information

Aron Alpha Industrial Krazy Glue offers a broad selection of standard cyanoacrylate products plus customized formulations to offer instant success with bonding metals, rubber, EPDM, engineering plastics and more.
Aron Alpha Accelerators increase cure speed of Aron Alpha instant adhesives. Provides fast cure when post applied. Excellent for cosmetic applications, for clear and transparent adhesive beads or fillets. Suitable for securing wire or coils on Printed Curcuit Boards.
Industrial Krazy Glue
Aron Alpha is a brand of industrial cyanoacrylate (instant) adhesive technology. These one-part adhesives are solvent-free, non-flammable and are formulated with 100% solid material which cures rapidly when introduced to trace amounts of moisture through weak base initiated anionic polymerization. Cure times can range from as quickly as several seconds to within a few minutes.
Aron Alpha Surface Primers improve cyanoacrylate adhesion on difficult-to-bond substrates like polyolefins such as PE (Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene). Suitable for PTFE and thermoplastic elastomers. Long on-part life.

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January 18, 2016 - APPLICATION CASE STUDY INDUSTRY: Automotive APPLICATION: Automotive Part SUPPLIER CHALLENGE: Tier I Automotive Supplier needed to guarantee the placement of cyanoacrylate (instant) adhesive on a ...

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